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It Rains Where You Tee Off So You Will Need Galvin Green Waterproofs Too

galvin green waterproofs

If you are already a dedicated professional, then you know this well. You dare not miss a day’s practice. Not even the weather will prevent you from practicing your driving at your local range – it is undercover anyhow, these days. You can still practice your putting technique indoors. It can pour as much as it likes out of doors, nothing needs to hold up your much needed practice. But there will always be occasions when practice must be perfected on the fairways and the greens. And if it rains? Do you cancel or postpone your training?

Well, that depends. Each and every golfing professional has his or her own schedule. There is always room to be flexible. But what happens when an important tournament is approaching and you really ought to get onto the fairways for some last minute dress rehearsals. Do you allow the weather to hold you up or do you risk the elements and expose yourself to pneumonia. Many a beginner reading this right now may be shuddering, or shivering, as the case may be. There are posers for them. They may be wondering if all this trouble is really worth the while.

Well, dear readers, this is what it takes to be dedicated. This is what it takes to achieve golfing success. Practice is necessary, and practice is regular. And no matter what, the weather cannot prevent this. In fact, as a worthwhile dress rehearsal, it sometimes becomes necessary to practice in the driving rain if you will. Weather forecasts may suggest that it may still be raining by the time tee off is due. Just ask any professional. You do not need to hold yourself back from the weather. Because those fine galvin green waterproofs that many professionals swear by are yours for the keeping as well.

It is the pinnacle of every professional golfer’s career to have at least one shot at the Open. It is the grand finale of every professional golfer’s career. Those that win the famous tournament have had more doors opened during their professional playing careers. Endorsements even from the owners of those fine galvin greens; become the salt of their earth. But to win the Open on the legendary St Andrews’ course, well now, that is an entirely different matter altogether. Fame becomes eternal, books will be written about the occasion and many young beginners will be emulating the winner’s four day trajectory.

It rains, and sometimes it pours at St Andrews. But when playing at the home of golf, no golfer is going to let water leave them high and dry, if that makes any sense to you. Prepare yourself well with the appropriate kit, commensurate with your developing style, and attire yourself well with galvin green and you can practice each and every day of the week, whether it rains or shines. Ideally it will be shining, but such is the nature of the game.